Frequently asked questions

Q: This is my first season doing soccer, what do I need to have to be prepared for the season?

A: For all participants, the mandatory equipment needed are shin guards, a soccer ball, comfortable clothing and sneakers or cleats. We strongly recommend cleats for travel and intramural players, but it is optional for players in our Junior Academy. 

Q: What size soccer ball do I need for my child?

A: Soccer ball sizing is based on age:

Under 6: Size 3

Under 12: Size 4

13 and above: Size 5

Q: How do I know if a session is cancelled?

A: Our staff utilizes email as the primary method of communication. Please make sure you provide an email that is easily accessible and is up to date. Sometimes our emails can get lost in spam or in the mix up of several unread emails. This season we will also try posting our cancellations to our website, but we ask not to rely on those postings just yet. Notices for cancellations can go out as late as 1 hour prior to the session, so it is important to check periodically throughout the day.  

Q: I signed up online using the Google Form, how do I submit the payment? When are payments due?

A: Payments can only be submitted in person and must be submitted in the form of cash or check issued to "Everett Soccer Club." If submitting a check, please write the player name in the Memo section to properly credit the correct player. Payments can be submitted anytime, but no later than the first week of practices for travel and intramural players, and the second week of practice for Junior Academy players

Q: Is there financial assistance available?

A: We offer sibling discounts based on number of siblings enrolled in the program, and we do have a small amount of donations allocated towards player scholarships. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, a letter must be submitted to the organization for review. Letters should be sent to and will go under review of the board for approval.